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Optisizer on-line particle size analysis

On-line measurement of the particle size distribution in real time gives the technician fast information about the effects of any process changes on the end product. The measured data provided by the Optisizer can be transmitted automatically to any control system, thus ensuring optimum process management.

The new Optisizer system is designed to analyse the particle size of dry powders during the production process and offers maximum measuring accuracy and ease of operation.

  • Advantages

    Benefits of particle size analysis

    • Maximum product throughput
    • Optimised process stability
    • Process faults easy to detect
    • Reduction of energy consumption
    • Better yield, less rejects
  • Optisizer

    The unit applies the proven laser diffraction principle of operation and is fast and reliable in delivering reproducible particle size distribution data that cannot be misinterpreted.

    The Optisizer from Hosokawa Alpine is equipped with highly stable laser technology, premium optics and highly sensitive special detectors - the laser diffraction instrument as defined in ISO 13320 delivers highly precise data with the accuracy of a tested laboratory unit. With its stable and robust housing, the Optisizer permits reliable measurements even under extreme production conditions.

    Measurement ranges

    • 0.5 to 220 µm
    • 1.2 to 550 µm
    • 2.5 to 1100 µm


    • Unique cell cleaning system
    • Data interface to process control unit
    • Representation of up to three d­values (e.g. d10, d50, d97) in the form of a trend graph possible
    • Protection class IP65

    Special applications:

    • ATEX options available
    • Wear­protected design
    • Designs available suitable for food, cosmetics and pharmaceutics
  • System integration


    The sample is removed from the product stream during actual production, is conveyed through a measuring cell and is then routed back again. The laser scatter on the particles is captured by the detector, the data are transmitted to the computer and the particle size is calculated. Because this process takes place in real time during production, the product quality can be "fine­tuned" with a minimum of product rejects. As an option, the adjustment of individual particle sizes is also possible.

    [1] Control unit
    [2] Eductor for sampling
    [3] Rinsing air
    [4] Optisizer
    [5] Sample return
    [6] Sampling connection
    [7] Product ducting with sampling section
    [8] Mill


    The most important part of an on­line analysis is the sampling. With the Hosokawa Alpine Optisizer, you have the advantage that both the processing system and also the measuring system are from one single source, i.e. we know exactly how the particles react in the respective ductings.

    The installation of specially developed components ensures that the sample taken is representative of the total amount of material. Only then can the measured result be used as a reliable benchmark for the system.

    Advantages of automatic sampling:

    • No sampling errors by the operator
    • On­line measurement permits real time measurements
    • Sealed system prevents contamination
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