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Laboratory Hammer Mill 20/10

Laboratory hammer mill in pharma design for the comminution of pharmaceutical and chemical products. The mill can also be delivered already integrated into an isolator.

  • Features
    • cGMP-conform design.
    • Modular design.
    • Easy to dismantle. This results in easy and effective cleaning of all product-contact components. The inside of the machine can be cleaned with the beater unit removed and a special cover installed to protect the bearings.
    • Clear-cut separation of the product-contact area from the bearing unit and drive.
    • Product-contact components can be sterilised in an autoclave.
    • Beater unit fixed with only one bolt.
    • Housing door supported by means of an articulated arm.
    • Type of sieve order-specific.
  • Applications
    • Disintegration of agglomerates and lumps (e.g. from drying processes).
    • Achievable fineness values < 500 µm.
    • Particle size distributions with low ultrafines portion.


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