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Wet mill 90 AHM

Horizontal agitated ball mill designed for the wet grinding of small to ultrasmall product batches down to the nano fineness range. The 90 AHM is the laboratory version of the AHM product line and is designed as a table-top model with separate control unit. This mill is suitable for small amounts of product and for development trials - also on the nano technology sector. Extremely small grinding beads (< 0.2 mm) can be employed with this mill, and investigations regarding the stabilisation of suspensions in the submicron range can be executed.

  • Principle of operation

    In contrast to the other AHM mill types, the laboratory version has a variable-speed direct drive. The slotted pipe screen can be designed as a flat screen deck or a dynamic separation system.The mill can be tilted on a pivoted support to permit filling and emptying. When in upright position, the slotted pipe screen can be cleaned without needing to empty the mill.

  • Handling

    The high degree of flexibility is the result of being able to fit grinding chambers and agitator shafts of different length to give different grinding bin volumes. This makes grinding bin sizes of 250 ml, 500 ml and 1100 ml possible. Clamp closures guarantee simple cleaning and dismantling.

  • Wear protection

    The wear parts of the machine are exchangeable and can be made of PU, stainless steel, ceramic, tungsten carbide or plastic.

  • Applications
    • Applications
    • Engineering ceramics.
    • Mineral substances.
    • Pigments, paints.
    • Fine-grade chemicals.
    • Pharmaceutical products.
    • Dental ceramics.
    • Food supplements.
    • Abrasives.
    • Submicron and nano grinding.


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