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Multi-processing system

4 processes:

  • Opposed jet milling with the 100 AFG for materials up to Mohs' hardness 10. Fineness 2 µm to 40 µm.
  • Impact milling and classifying with the 50 ZPS for materials up to Mohs' hardness 3.5. Fineness 8 µm to 120 µm.
  • Fine classifying with the 50 ATP for materials up to Mohs' hardness 10. Cut point range from 2 µm to 120 µm.
  • Ultrafine comminution with the 100 AS in the superfine range 5 µm to 30 µm.
  • Principle of Operation

    The task of laboratories or development centres is usually the manufacture of small amounts of product samples for tests with the aim of defining an industrial manufacturing process. The laboratory-scale systems used must offer process reproducibility and the possibility of scaling up at a later date to production-scale equipment. Because new products whose grinding properties cannot always be predicted in advance are constantly being developed, maximum flexibility is a prerequisite.

    This is where so-called multi-processing systems have established themselves as veritable all-rounders: it takes only a few minutes to exchange the following modules:

    • Fluidised bed opposed jet mill
    • Ultrafine classifier
    • Classifier mill
    • Spiral jet mill
    • Fine impact mill

    This concept revolves around the fact that the installation frame, the feed metering unit, the valves for bearing rinsing air and grinding air, the drive, the product collection filter, the fan, the electrics and the control unit are common to all processes. The latest development of Hosokawa Alpine is the extension of this combi-system by a fine impact mill which can be equipped with the standard variety of grinding elements (pin discs, plate beater units, grinding tracks, sieve grates, etc.).

    A newly developed drive, controlled by a frequency converter with different sets of parameters permits (in spite of the very different design, power and speed) installation of both the grinding rotor of the fine impact mill and also of the deflector classifying wheel.

  • Features
    • Construction materials: product-contact parts 316 L.
    • Surface finish Ra = 0.4 to 0.8 µm.
    • System components completely in stainless steel.
    • Frame and table in stainless steel.
    • All connections executed with clamps.
    • FDA-approved seals (silicone or EPDM).
    • Design of drives and electrics to customer specifications.
  • Applications
    • Pharma / GMP design: The design with smooth surfaces and no dead spaces simplifies thorough emptying, cleaning and sterilisation. The system can be dismantled and all product-contact components can be sterilised in an autoclave. As an alternative, an SIP design is also available.
    • Standard: To ensure the highest degree of resistance to chemical attack and against corrosion, all product-contact surfaces of Alpine's multi-processing systems are made of rust- and acid-proof stainless steel.


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