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Overview of our machine range

We offer a vast range of machines designed for comminution technology : from crushers for preliminary comminution to agitated media mills for particle sizes in the nano range.

Because our machines are available in many sizes, it is child's play to find the best design for your process. Regardless of the material of construction or design, i.e. mild steel, stainless steel or with ceramic lining, in pressure-shock-proof or pharma-qualified monobloc design with polished surfaces: you will always find the optimum machine for your requirements in our range.

Granulators and shredders for the coarse grinding of preliminary products, the return of rejects to the production process (in-house recycling) and the recycling of industrial materials.  Details

Table roller mills of the AWM product line with integrated classifier permit the energy-efficient comminution of mineral raw materials at high throughput rates. The machines can also be used for combination grinding and drying.  Details

Agitated media mills for dry grinding and wet grinding (suspensions, slurries) are employed for the production of ultrafine powders.

Ball mills with diameters up to 4m and grinding drum lengths up to 8m are often used for fine grinding mineral materials such as fillers.  Details

With our wide range of fine impact mills and classifier mills, we are in a position to offer you the ideal solution in every case for your powder processing specifications.  Details

Wherever a high purity is demanded of the end product and extremely hard substances need to be comminuted, jet mills are often the mill of choice. Spiral jet mills are also frequently employed in the pharmaceuticals industry because of their ease of cleaning.  Details

Our range of classifiers covers a wide variety of requirements, split up by product fineness and throughput, precision of cut and wear protection. A high energy efficiency brought about by a low pressure drop at the classifying wheel results in low operating costs.  Details

Compacting technology comprises the processes compaction, dry granulation, briquetting,high pressure roller grinding, pelletizing, and crushing. Powdered chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral and metal products can be made into a solid form using this process. The end product is granulate, briquettes, flakes, pellets or spherical pellets with an increased bulk weight. They are dust-free, have a higher density and improved flow and dosing properties.
 Details Kompaktors and Roller Presses
 Details Flake Crushers, Bexmills and Pre-Crusher
 Details Gear Pelletizers, Bextruder and Spheronizers Pelleting Machines, Basket Extruders and Spheronizers

Technologies available for the manufacture of functional nanopowders include: grinding, dispersing, agglomeration, coating, mechanofusion, mechanochemical bonding (MCB), shape control, mixing, drying of nanoslurries.  Details

Containment and isolator technology protects operating personnel during the processing of highly active (APIs in the pharmaceuticals industry) or toxic substances. The process technology, material transport, cleaning at production end and system ergonomics are all tailored perfectly to one another as early as the R&D stage.  Details

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