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Particle design & nano technology

Through extensive research and development, Hosokawa has developed a new nanotechnology product portfolio which reflects the latest product advances. The aim of Hosokawa has been to develop particle modification technologies which will increase customers’ product values by improving and adding functionality.

Current technologies available for the manufacture of functional nanopowders range from dispersion, mixing (normal, ordered or precision), coating, fusion, reactions (solid-solid surface), mechanochemical bonding (MCB), shape control, agglomeration, nanogrinding, drying of nanoslurries to the requisite measurement techniques to evaluate these materials.

These technologies not only produce added-value materials, but can also lead to process improvements by reducing process steps and energy costs.

  • Mechano chemical bonding

    Mechano chemical bonding (MCB)

    • Nano particle composites
    • Doping and synthesis


    Production system for nanocomposites

  • Composing
    • Surface coating for sintering control
    • Increase of the active interface of nano powders
    • Enhanced electrodes with a higher conductivity and affinity
    • Embedding additives in mother particles
    • Colour mixing on an individual particle
    • Dispersion of nano active substances onto micron carrier particles


    Powder processor for precision mixing and fine particle composite production.


    MechanoFusion System

  • Agglomeration
    • Improvement of powder handling by means of bigger particle sizes and additives
    • Additional coating of functional materials


    Multi-functional agglomeration

  • Spheronisation
    • Improvement of the packing density and flow properties by means of spherical shape


    Multi-functional processing unit for particle design

  • Micronising
    • Mechanical production of submicron and nano particles by wet grinding.