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Granulators and Shredders

Granulators and shredders are often used within a production process for recycling the rejects. Another task for these machines is the comminution of preliminary products to the size suitable for the downstream process. Recycling industrial waste is yet another application.

Granulators and shredders are employed in a host of industries. The range of machine sizes and designs is correspondingly wide: from the machine for recycling tasks to the granulator in stainless steel for the processing of foodstuffs or for the chemicals industry.

The new shredder and granulator with the distinctive name Polyplex is THE innovative solution for size reduction of plastic materials of all kinds. The key advantage: combination of a shredder and a granulator on one common shaft.  Details

The solid construction of the Rotoplex granulator permits the comminution of materials during which high cutting forces occur or which require high throughput rates.  Details

The CL granulators are suitable among other things for the size reduction of plastics and rubber and also for applications in the foodstuffs industry.  Details

Fine cutting mills AFS are employed for the fine milling of soft to medium-hard plastics in the fineness range of several hundred µm to 2 mm.  Details

Alpine’s DURA LINE shredder is a robust single-shaft shredder that is universal in use for plastic, paper and recycling applications.  Details

The PL granulators were designed for the cost-effective size reduction of mouldings, blown containers and sprues and flashes.  Details


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